With the continuing development around that influence our quality of life Westech comes with a variety of adhesives suitable for a wide range of applications. Our construction adhesives are formulated to join wood, plastic, concrete, masonry, metal, insulation and many other materials used in building applications. The use of adhesives provides a uniform distribution of stresses over the bonded area and produces stiffer structures with a continuous bonded joint. Without mechanical fasteners, structures built using adhesives are lighter in weight and smotther appearance. A continuous joint means there is less exposure and reduced corrision over time.
Recommended Products
  • Myst-Stik
  • HP15/HPC15
  • HSC14
  • HS13/HSC13
  • HSEA
  • MP13/MPC13
  • VersaTILE
  • NFHS
  • FiberWeld
  • PS13/PSC13