As we develop our products to be both effective and environmentally safe, Westech adhesives offer significant advantages over alternatives in the fastening applications of our products in marine industry. While some used welding types or the use of mechanical fasteners our adhesives can be used to bond varying types of materials, reduce weight, spread stress across a broader section of the structure, reduce vibration and minimize corrosion caused by galvanic reactions. In many cases, the use of adhesives can be reduced the cost of the finished product while improving its reliability and service life. Glue for Boat,Glue for Yacht
Recommended Products for Marine (Glue for Boat & Glue for Yacht)
  • DMEasy
  • Myst-Stik
  • HSEA
  • HS-MAC18
  • InfuZene AV
  • MP-MAC18
  • PS13/PSC13